Finally, you’re about to get your website a new safe home and don’t have an idea with which one you’d have to go. This is what I would like to explain to my fellow readers in this article with a comprehensive Top 5 Best Hosting Companies.

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What is web hosting?

A web host or service provider for web hosting is a business that provides the infrastructure and services needed to access the website or website on the Web. Websites are hosted on special computers called servers and stored on them

Next, let me direct you to your website hosting requirements, which is something I would sincerely recommend to my readers before signing up for any provider of hosting.

  • Would you want to host your blog?
  • Would you want to create an E-Commerce site?

Note down, what kind of website you’d like to host.

Next, Are you going to use wordpress to build a blog or e-commerce site? If so, take note of that as well.

Assuming you’re going to start a blog using wordpress CMS. Based on these Following hosting companies that I would recommend.

Best Hosting Companies

  1. A2Hosting
  2. Paidboom
  3. SiteGround
  4. FastComet

Why do I recommend these providers?

  • Server Reliability
  • Uptime Scores
  • Security
  • Customer Service
  • Off-Site Backups
  • Reputation

Now, let me clarify each one to give you a better understanding of the hosts I suggested.

Server Reliability:

Nobody wants their hosting service to go down every single day and most importantly it would cause your website sales revenue and traffic to fall. Good Server Reliability services would make sure your site and data are accessible all the time.

Uptime Scores:

Consequently, obtaining a good uptime score on a hosting service, preferably above 99.5 percent, is key to the success of your site. It would always be advised never to have a hosting contract with the company that reports under 99% uptime of the year.


This is a damn serious thing First of all, you should be more concerned about looking for a more secure service provider than just hosting plans. make sure you are going with a more trusted and secure hosting solution as well.

Customer Support:

How efficient and fast is the company in resolving technical issues? If your site breaks, you can always ask the technical support of your hosting provider to see what can be the cause and quickly solve the problem.

Off-Site Backups:

You may experience server issues or local hard disk failures or breaks your site while working on, so it becomes crucial that you only go with a host service provider that offers daily backup of web data.


If the web host has a good reputation, I’d rather pic this in the first place. Although listed sites are having a good reputation for you to consider.

In view of all of these, I may conclude that My recommendation goes to the list above.

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I’ll be waiting for your comment and keep in mind that I would not make your comment public to avoid privacy issues. 🙂

I hope this article helps you find the Top 5 Best Hosting Companies. I’ll be writing a detailed article on each hosting provider. stay tuned.


Jason is the guy who writes about hosting products and wordpress.


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